sludge removal

All closed circuits undergo an oxidation phenomenon which results in the formation of a more or less thick brown to black material. Conventional sludge removal solutions are often complex to implement and do not stop the phenomenon of corrosion. The chemicals used are very aggressive for the systems and for the environment. This is called “sludge” which is made up of different elements of the system: oxidized metals, proliferation of bacteria, algae. These suspended solids (suspended solids) which charge the heat transfer fluid lead to poor heat exchanges and obstructions in the circuits of equipment holes. These disorders have the effect of increasing consumption and maintenance costs.

When your heating or air conditioning system deteriorates due to corrosion, the efficiency of your transmitters drops significantly. In the long run, these effects are devastating on your equipment and considerably increase your expenses.

In industrial sites, we very often find systems for the production of heat, cold, cooling holes necessary for the process. When the fluids become loaded with suspended solids, cleaning the networks is essential, sometimes causing production to stop and equipment to be replaced.
It is therefore necessary to remove sludge from all your installations before they are completely clogged and the water is no longer able to circulate, in which case you will have to perform a cleaning service.

Maintainers or operators are necessarily responsible for the maintenance of a building stock for the comfort of the occupants. Sludge in the circuits gives the first signs of malfunction when the desired temperatures are not respected. It is imperative to intervene and resolve the problem before failures accumulate.

Specialized in natural water treatment, the Drag’eau company has developed and patented its innovative Drag’eau sludge removal solution which replaces the chemical or hydromechanical sludge removal of pipes. After a few weeks of treatment with the process, the suspended matter is reduced and transformed so as to restore a clean and non-aggressive coolant. A curative and preventive treatment that allows you to neutralize corrosion, complete cleaning of the network, a stabilized coolant that no longer requires maintenance, an extension of the life of your equipment as well as a reduction in your energy consumption . So do not wait any longer. In addition, the Drag’eau company is committed to a 6-month guarantee of results on the existing problem, that is, production without chemicals, without consumables and without maintenance.

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