Located in Alsace, at the heart of the 3 borders, we benefit from the ecological and technical influence of our German and Swiss neighbors.The main driver of our business is to reduce the ecological impact of water treatment.Indeed, “historical” technologies for the treatment of limestone and sludge are very polluting, they require a lot of additional chemicals and often very expensive consumables. The regulations provide no solution to the discharge of water treatment chemicals. To date, no subsidiary has been identified to recover the solvents which very often end up in the sewers. The so-called “physical” water treatment systems, of which Drag’eau is the market leader, provide THE alternative solution to get out of systems from another era.

Many users have already noticed the efficiency of our devices on their installations. Indeed, many individuals, social landlords, industrialists, to name but a few, have opted for a technology that is less costly to invest than traditional technologies (water softeners, manual treatments, etc.). Do not hesitate to come back to us for references. They also make it possible to maintain the networks for many years without any maintenance intervention, nor the addition of consumables. The results are immediate, visible and above all they are guaranteed by our conditions of sale! (see warranty / product conditions)

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