The atypical career of Mr. Jean Drago, makes him a very original character in this great world of industry and business. Indeed, he has not always been the entrepreneur that we know to date. Coming from a modest background, he worked like all the sons of the first waves of Italian immigrants, on construction sites before becoming a professional musician. It was behind a battery that Mr. Drago built his first career with several groups and albums to his credit. Then fate led him to change direction more than 25 years ago and he opened up to business with great success from his first professional experiences. Self-taught, he decides to create his first company. The treatment of water becomes obvious to him. Indeed, already at that time, issues related to the environment and the health of our children were one of his concerns. And it is only natural that, starting from a small structure where he launched himself on this market of ecological water treatment, (very little developed at that time) that he became manager of the Drag ‘group. water, with its own range of products distributed all over the world !!!

Since the creation of our company in 2011, we are the specialist in the treatment of physical and ecological water at the heart of two activities: the anti-limescale treatment of water pipes as well as the sludge removal of “closed” network systems (heating / air conditioner). Here are a few words of the events that marked our adventure

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